V. S.

P. H.


´Vivid Diamond´ is a band project around the composer and songwriter Peter H., front woman and lead singer ´Valerie Joy Simmonds´, guitarist ´Gerd Stein´ and bass player ´Rosko Gee´ (Traffic, Can, Harald-Schmidt-Show).

The first 9 songs were recorded in the period 2019/2020 and released on the CD ´Song of Life´ in June 2021.

´Vivid Diamond´ musically escapes the ´Mainstream´ and cannot be pigeonholed so quickly.

The compositions are catchy but varied and never monotonous.

In summary one can say that ´Song of Life´ is a life-affirming, optimistic album with sentimental depth.

The music touches you and casts a magical spell.

Have fun and in a good mood while listening.

Wish You all the best,

P. H.